International Faculty

Prof. Jacques Magnan , France

Prof. Jacques Magnan is the president of Mediterranean Society of Audiology and Otology , and former president of European Academy of Otology and NeuroOtology (EAONO), Politzer Society , Groupe Etude Montagne Otologie and numerous others. He is an exceptionally skilled Neurotologist and one of the most renowned figures in Skull base surgery. He will demonstrate Vestibular nerve section, Neurovascular decompression for Hemifacial spasm, Trigeminal neuralgia and excision of Acoustic neuroma.

Prof Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink , Germany

Prof Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink is known for his versatile techniques in various middle ear surgeries & Implantation Otology. He was the past president of Association of chairmen of German ORL-University clinics, German ORL Society, European Academy of Otology and Neurotology (EAONO) & various other organizations. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of 8 ORL Journals including Audiology & Neurotology (2008), Annales Françaises ORL (2010) etc

Dr.Robert Vincent, France

Dr. Robert Vincent is an internationally well known Otologist at the Causse Ear Clinic in Beziers, Tertierral Referral Center (France) since 1991. he has sub-specialized in Otosclerosis Surgery, Ossicular Reconstruction and Congenital Malformation of the Middle Ear. To his credit he has the largest World Series and experience in surgery for otosclerosis along with various publications to his name He is also a member of various international otology societies.

Prof.Robert Briggs, Australia

Mr Brigg’s current appointments are Clinical Associate Professor in the University of Melbourne Department of Otolaryngology, Head of Otology and Medical Director of the Cochlear Implant Clinic at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, as well as Senior Fellow in the Department of Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has a large experience with acoustic neuroma surgery and with cochlear implantation. Mr Brigg’s research has focused on Cochlear Implant Electrode development and safety, as well as the management of Neurofibromatosis type 2 and the role of Auditory Brainstem Implantation.